Ways that you can support the cause:

Fee Simple Donation of Land

Land can be donated to the Preserve Trust with the assurance that it will be protected in perpetuity from future development. Prohibition of public access (e.g., trails) or construction of public works projects (e.g., cell towers) can be guaranteed by the terms of your gift. The donor may qualify for Federal Tax benefits.

Donation of a Conservation Easement of a portion of your Land

Similar to a land donation in terms of benefits, with a conservation easement the property owner retains ownership of their entire property but enters into a voluntary agreement with the Preserve Trust that permanently limits uses of the land to protect its conservation values. Landowners retain the right to own and use the land, sell it, and pass it to their heirs. The land remains in its natural state.

General Support of the Cause

As a Public Benefit Non-Profit, the Preserve Trust accepts tax deductible donations from the public, stewards the land in perpetuity, and raises the awareness of our mission to preserve the mountain heritage of our Town.

How to Preserve